If you show any signs of COVID, including a runny nose, a sore throat, coughing, fever etc, please don’t show up at our clinic. Call us and together we will find out if you should postpone your appointment.
Lambertseter Tannlegesenter

Welcome to Lambertseter Tannlegesenter.

We are a brand new dental clinic offering state of the art equipment and dental treatment. Our goal is to offer the very best of dental treatment in a comfortable setting. In order for us to make your stay as comfortable as possible we have asked ourselfes what we would like to be offered if we were patients. So we have a large TV screen placed over the dental chair to offer entertainment for the longer operating procedures. We have lounge upholstery in the dental unit. We offer music or radio that you can listen to during the procedures.
All our treatment modalities are chosen to offer the best results in the most comfortable ways.
Lambertseter Tannlegesenter

Our services

Treatment of pain in the jaw
Endodontic Treatment, root canals.
Crowns, onlays and Veneers in a single day
Removal of Wisdom Teeth
Teeth Cleansings
Dental Hygienist
Muscular pain in the face.
Chronic marginal periodontitis
Porcelain Bridge
Teeth Whitening
White Fillings/Restorations
Treatment of gum disease
Implant dentistry

Gentle sandblasting of your teeth to remove superficial discolorations and bacteria.

CEREC: Crowns, onlays and Veneers in a single day.
We make beautiful Porcelain Bridges or Prosthetics when needed.

Dental Hygienist
If you just want to clean your teeth or if you have gum disease.

All forms of Surgical Procedures
Including Removal of Wisdom Teeth. Our dentist has surgically removed thousands of wisdoms teeth and will do so fast and pain free.

Snoring and sleep apnea.
If you or your significant other snores, we can monitor your sleep as you lie in your own bed and find out if you need treatment. The treatment is non invasive and will give you better sleep and rest.

Emergency Dental Treatment
We are open 7 days a week, and open in the evenings. If you have had an accident, if you have fractured your tooth or if you are in pain, don’t hesitate to try us.

Social security reimbursement
We are up to date regarding government refunds for dental treatments. If you are elligible for a refund, you will only pay the minimum/deductable and we will do the paperwork to receive the rest from the government. If you don’t know if you are entitled to funds from the goverment, we will help you find out.

Interactive experience
We have intraoral cameras and a large screen in front of you. If we find an issue in your mouth, we can show you pictures of the situation as well as xrays. You no longer need to feel helpless when the dentist says there is an issue. We will show you pictures and you can decide for yourself what you want to do with the problem. An image speaks a thousand words.

All treatments are chosen to be as pain free as possible.
Our staff speaks English and are outgoing people that are easy to speak to and communicate with.
In short, we can help you with just about any dental issue or problem. Try us !

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